B&B Film is a dynamic independent production company based in Rome. We develop and produce documentaries and docu-reality thanks to co-production agreements with the major European broadcasters including ZDF, Arte, NDR, YLE, SVT, RAI, as well as international broadcasters such as National Geographic, Al Jazeera and Discovery Channel. Our documentaries have been broadcast in over 160 countries and have been selected in prestigious international festivals such as IDFA, HOT DOCS, Full Frame and Locarno Festival, receiving important awards including the Creative Excellence at the US International Film Festival, the Golden Globe , the Jury prize at the Guanghzou Festival, the Nastro d’Argento and the Ondas prize.

  1. Che Guevara / il corpo e il mito

    Che Guevara, the Body and the Myth

    The story of a body missing for thirty years and the creation of a myth told by those who were "touched" by that corpse.

  2. Hair India

    Hair India

    The hair journey of a young Indian woman. Offered to the temple and then transformed into precious "hair extensions" in Italy, the same hair will return to India to satisfy the vanity of a career woman from Bombay. A story about the cult of beauty in the era of globalization. An unprecedented portrait of India today with its contradictions, between modernity, economic growth and millenary traditions.

  3. Housing


    There are people who wait years to have a council house and who, once they have had it, become prisoners of it for fear of losing it.

  4. The other revolution

    Surrounded by the crystalline sea of the most worldly of islands, Gorky and Lenin discuss the preparation of the Russian Revolution. A decisive story for the future of humanity destined to remain hidden for many years.

  5. L'Isola dei Naufraghi

    Castaway Island

    In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, between Lisbon and New York, there is an island: Flores. A place with a mythical past, whose history has been forgotten. Today, following Pierluigi Bragaglia, writer and traveller, in his first summer on the island, we will see the mysterious past of this land re-emerge, made up of pirates and shipwrecked men. A journey that will take us to the very root of the difference between good and evil, because in Flores misfortune has often been transformed into a blessing.

  6. Mother India - B&B Film

    Mother India

    Motherhood and society from the point of view of Indian women of different social backgrounds and castes. The boom in assisted reproduction techniques and the promise of defeating the "curse" of infertility. Dramas, affairs and hopes.

  7. SMS - Save My Soul

    Communicating, through poetic text messages, with women found in job advertisements becomes an opportunity for Nicolino to escape from a reality that forces him to be, against his will, a father. The disturbing and poetic story of a man trying to save his soul.

  8. What nourishes me destroys me

    For the first time the doors of a center for the treatment of eating disorders are opened and psychotherapy sessions are available. Stories of discomfort, suffering, sense of inadequacy, but also of hope, which are expressed through the tragic attempt to dominate one's body.

  9. Zero Waste

    A tragicomic journey through the city that I love, but which I had to leave. Among the wonders of the most beautiful gulf in the world, the best seafood in the world and the surreal pyramids of rubbish. A journey in the company of priests, Camorra members, activists, saints, magistrates, policemen, journalists, bartenders and with two exceptional stars: the Mayor of Naples and the American professor guru of the Zero Waste theory, who claims it is possible to eliminate waste, not only in San Francisco but also in Naples.

  10. Stato Interessante

    Interesting Condition

    Five women without children, between 38 and 43 years old and the biological clock that beats time relentlessly until it becomes a chronometer between you and your limits, between your body and your will, between your desire and your choice. Five different women, five parallel roads fatally destined to cross at the same point, faced with the same unavoidable call. To be or not to be a mother.

  11. La Via della Conciliazione

    The Road to Reconciliation

    Pius XI, Mussolini and the birth of the Vatican. A film about the relationship between State and Church.

  12. Underwater Pompei

    Less than 50 km north of Pompeii and three times larger than its more famous neighbour, Baia was an exclusive holiday resort, a 'toyland' for wealthy Ancient Romans. But it was also a den of iniquity, the place where Nero plotted some of his darkest deeds.

  13. My Missing Sister

    My Missing Sister

    It was June 22, 1983 when Pietro Orlandi said goodbye to his sister Emanuela for the last time. From that moment on, no trace and no clue will be able to bring the girl home, whose mysterious disappearance will involve magistrates, police forces, churchmen and members of organized crime. In a film entirely dedicated to the story of her sister, Pietro Orlandi reconstructs Emanuela's disappearance and the investigations that followed. An intense and painful story of a drama that, many years later, Italy has not forgotten.

  14. Special Mirella Gregori

    7 May 1983. Rome. It's a hot afternoon and Mirella Gregori, a young 15-year-old girl leaves the house, telling her mother that she'll be back in a few minutes. From that moment on, all traces of her have been lost. A few days later another 15-year-old girl, Emanuela Orlandi, disappears in the center of Rome, and in the following months many others. The alarm in the country is strong, there is talk of white trafficking. Over the years, investigations have revealed disturbing elements of connection between the various cases, many leading directly to the Pope's entourage, many to pedophilia. Thirty-five years of investigations, of reticence, of denied letters rogatory, have contributed to fueling the climate of mystery and ambiguity that still weighs on the disappearance of Mirella, Emanuela and the others. Today Pietro Orlandi, Emanuela's brother, and Antonietta Gregori, Mirella's sister, are more determined than ever to discover a truth that has remained hidden for too many years. Together they will meet all those who can contribute to tearing the veil of one of the darkest pages in recent Italian history.

  15. The Rossellinis

    The Rossellinis

    Roberto Rossellini was the most famous film director of Italian Neorealism and the father of a cosmopolitan, nonconformist and slightly crazy family that includes Hollywood stars, a daughter who converted to Islam and even someone who chose to live on a 'desert island.
    It also includes Alessandro, a one-time photographer with an erratic career and a recovering drug addict. Grandson of a genius, he feels he is not living up to expectations and is convinced that all his relatives feel the same weight: not rising to the levels required by the famous Rossellini surname. At the age of 56, he decides to take on the challenge, as well as improve his precarious finances, by making this film, forcing everyone to undergo family therapy under the scrutiny of an unforgiving lens.

  16. Because of my body

    Because of my body

    Due to a serious motor disability, Claudia cannot move freely and is assisted by her mother. At twenty-one she is still a virgin and wonders what pleasure is. One day a lovegiver arrives in her life, a man who provides help to people with disabilities to discover the body and sexuality. Followed by a team of specialists, the two begin a cycle of increasingly intimate meetings. The project includes a protocol with a rule that is difficult to apply: it is forbidden to fall in love.

  17. Le ultime parole del boss - B&B Film


    Raffaele Cutolo's unstoppable rise to power from inside the prison clashes with a deputy director who does not recognize the privileges to which the boss is accustomed. Giuseppe Salvia is slapped, riddled with bullets on the Naples ring road and immediately forgotten by a state that urgently needs the favors of Raffaele Cutolo, the head of the Camorra. Many years later a Neapolitan journalist manages to meet the boss, now old and ill, who makes him some surprising confidences.


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