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by Raffaele Brunetti

Duration: 52’


This is the story of a T-shirt…about how it travelled from the north to the south of the world. It’s the inside-out story of a piece of used clothing’s 1st and 2nd life… and everything that happens in between.

In association with:
filmtank hamburg, NDR-arte, YLE Teema, Planet, LTV, EU Media+ programme

Production: 2005

Format: 16:9 Digibeta
Official Selection: Human Rights– Francia 2006, African, Asian and Latin American Film, Festival – Milano 2005, Flahertiana Festival – Russia 2006, David di Donatello – Italia 2006, Arcipelago – Italia 2006, Tricontinental – India 2007, Planet in Focus – Canada 2007, Jules Verne Aventures – Francia 2007, Traveling World Community – Canada 2007, 41° Parallelo New York – USA 2007, Ambientfestival – Italia 2008